Brentwood - Pass It On

Pass It On


We all have that one person that we looked up to when growing up. We were fascinated by how they dressed or how they had a confident swagger and style that made heads turn. At Brentwood we say, Pass It On.

Whether you call them your uncle or igrootman, these gentlemen are known for having style. They are influential in the community, but importantly, it’s their style that makes the most noise. Brentwood has been around for many years and has seen fathers pass on their style, character and even their favourite jacket to their sons as well as generations to come. It is our iconic garments and the way we put them together that channels the inner grootman, it is also values such as respect and humility that are important to us. It's precious memories of sitting in your uncle’s room just to see him in action with his friends, to hear him converse with his friends and importantly, to see him prepare for an important day, as he lays out his special Brentwood trousers and says, “my boy, this is what they mean when they speak of quality.”

Influence is important in today’s day and age. It’s the mindset of earned respect and being a positive influence on society that makes all the difference, which is why at Brentwood we say #PassItOn.